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Blast 'Em Up

 “Blast ‘Em Up!” 
Blast. Survive.

Welcome to Blast ‘Em Up: A vertical scrolling space combat shooter created in the style of the classic 1980s and early 1990 cabinet arcade games that caused devastating quarter-based wealth loss! Immerse yourself in a world where you are the last survivor of your home world’s Space Defence Force.It is up to you, the last surviving pilot to engage the oncoming alien onslaught and blast ‘em with dazzling laser weapons, leaving nothing but space borne trash.

Blast ‘Em Up features three different laser based weapon systems to discover, and culminates in an epic boss fight where you will need all of your skill to dodge their attacks as you defend your home world. Use every ounce of skill you possess to evade, and blast your way through each level in search of the hulking alien mothership. Destroy that one ship, and you will defeat the entire invasion in one fell swoop. Victory or death: It is in your hands. 




  • Download the game files
  • Extract it to somewhere
  • Run .exe file and play!


    "Short snappy and straight to the action. An embodiment of everything fun about old school arcade shooters!" – Angry Gamer

    "An interesting take on a classic genre which gets the main features and concepts of shooters correct from the start."- Hammered Gamer

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 and above. Please note that Windows Vista is NOT supported.
  • Java 8.0 or Later