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The world is at war, and you, captain of the HSS Battlegar, are the lone survivor on your side. Take control of the ultimate battleship in a top down shooter that uses simple graphics and gameplay. Dodge the enemy bullets coming from all sides as best as you can, and fight back with your own salvo of bullets. Wait for your chance to activate the multi laser and super shield to decimate the enemy! You know you will fall, but how far will you fight before falling? The final journey is only decided by you

Key Features

  • A survival game that tests your limits in endurance and concentration, increasing in intensity the longer you last!
  • A rocking soundtrack that perfectly captures the action on the screen.
  • Play as an overpowered ship that fires multiple bullets at once in all directions.




  • Use the arrow keys to maneuver your ship in a space that is big enough to dodge bullets easily, while being small enough to allow multitude of enemies at the same screen.
    Collect and utilize two power ups.

    • Barrier = Creates a BARRIER on the screen that blocks incoming enemy bullets
    • Twin Laser = Sends out a laser to both side of your ship that DESTROYS enemy bullets and ships.


    What game development students say.

    “An interesting shooter”
    “Ho, that barrier… doesn’t last long enough.”
    “Simple yet classy!”
    “Laser is OP.”

System Requirements

  • Any operating system including tablets and Ipads!
  • Flash 9.0 or above compatibility required.