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About this Game

Touch the white line, get the yellow object, touch the red line, repeat .
That’s all the white box knows. That’s all the white box can do. All it can tell you is the yellow objects are the key to freedom.

The maze will challenge you with every step you make. Can you navigate it successfully or will you fail? 
Your only enemy is yourself. Will you navigate yourself to victory, or will you take 1 step too far and fail?



  • Press left arrow key to go left
  • Press right arrow key to go right
  • Press Spacebar to jump
  • Hold spacebar to float upwards
  • Collect the yellow dots


    “ It made me angry, It made me happy, I love it “
    -angry happy gamer

    “I kept dying at the same spot”
    -persistent gamer

System Requirements

    OS: Microsoft® Windows® Vista/7/8
    Processor: Potato
    Memory: 1GB RAM
    Graphics: Integrated graphics
    DirectX® version 11 Sound: DirectX® Compatible