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Rect-y find himself drunk in a nightclub with loud music and crowded people involve around the place. He got no clue on why or when he was left here. Right now, that none of his matter and his main concern is to figure a way out from the wild nightclub and maybe he could make some new friends along the platform path.



    Device: Keyboard

    How to play:
    Press “Arrow Keys” to move left and right
    Press “Space” to jump
    Press “Z” to interact

    The key binding is simple, mostly in level that you going to do is jump to avoid obstacle/hole/reach higher platform. If you see any NPC in your line of sight while explore around the place, go ahead and talk to them, just have a little conversation to know something that you doesn’t know about.

  • Download the Game Flash File (Rect-y)
  • Open and Launch the Game.
  • Otherwise, Drag and Drop into the web browser to run the game.

System Requirements

    PC Platform [OS:  Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8]
    Processor:  Intel® Core™ Atom/Duo/i3/i5/i7
    Hard Drive: 22MB free space
    Memory: 128 MB Ram DDR1
    Integrated Graphic
    DirectX: Version 9/10/11
    Sound: DirectX Compatible
    Controller: Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse, optional controller