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Mediasoft @ KDU Glenmarie

Apr 8, 2015   //   by Ivan   //   MainMenu  //  No Comments

Mediasoft is hiring! Those seeking internships and job opportunities, please do drop by for a career talk organized by Mediasoft for KDU Game Development students!



Congratulations for Level-ing Up!

Nov 2, 2014   //   by Ivan   //   MainMenu  //  No Comments

Congratulations to our latest batch of graduates!

KDU Game Development graduated its 2nd round of graduates at the One World Hotel on Friday 31st of October 2014. This round sees the unleashing of Game Artists, Kevin Chan Ken Joo, Uzair bin Abdul Aziz and Game Programmers Lum Hong Leong, Glenn Teh Kean Tsing, Oliver Clency Yeung Sin Heng, Irvine Lee Chern Wai, Nicholas Tan Wai Leong, Alan Tan Wei Loon and Wong Yu-Thai.

May you always follow your passions and represent yourselves well! The Faculty of SCCM and all your lecturers are proud of you and await to see where your paths lead!.


Tinker’s Workshop

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One of the things that hold many back when it comes to technology is the initial fear of the unknown, much like many things that we go through in life. This is the first Tinker’s Workshop which was run by our graduate Nicholas Tan and student Azuhri Wan who were showing a group of youngsters how to disassemble and reassemble a computer donated by KDU’s very own computer department.

Once they’ve lost their fear of the great magic involved in the assembly of computers, there will be no stopping them should they choose a future in the ever changing world of technology. Also we really hope they had as much fun as our two trainers.


Tabletop 2014

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This year’s TABLETOP competition has yielded some pretty interesting results with the judges all agreeing that this year’s offerings were slightly more daring than the last. Perhaps this is the result of some veteran tabletoppers returning to even the score or maybe board-games are seeing their way into the schools much more nowadays than ever before.

For those not in the know, Tabletop 2014 is the 2nd time MyGameDev2020 has organized the tabletop game development competition aimed towards secondary school students in an effort to promote creativity. Everyone has the capacity to create using everything things they can find at home or in a local bookstore, with this in mind, the students of this year’s tabletop were given a theme and sent on their merry way to impress the judges with their creations.

This year’s theme was the ENVIRONMENT and while that might sound like a rather boring theme, this year saw the introduction of ‘randomizers’ that shook things up a little. The teams were given additional words to combine with their theme such as Kaiju, K-Pop, Magic, etc. and they had to do their level best to integrate their themes into the game itself. Many students were left squirming in their seats.

Mr. Tan giving the opening speech on MyGameDev2020 and what it was all about. Basically it is a government initiative that is driven by the private sector to educate the public about the viability of the Game Industry both digital and physical.


KDU’s Bachelor of Game Development (Hons) Programme Leader briefing the students about what they needed to do and the announcement of the themes.


Giving out the ‘Randomizers’


Rather cheerful in the morning.




The ‘Vault’ is a storehouse of weird odds and ends for building tabletop game prototypes.









Game Student Edison New curious about what these girls were up to.









Judges deliberation.



Last year’s winners took home a prize again this year albeit it was the third prize but everyones going to watch out for SMK (L) Methodist in the future. This guys are tough competition.


SMK Seafield’s very own Team V3Locity took home the 2nd prize which was a cash prize of RM1000, certificates and a crystal trophy! Good job guys.


SMK Seafield AGAIN! This time, Team Arbitrary takes home the first prize as you can tell by the massive smiles on their faces. These guys are overjoyed and rightly so as they took home RM2000 in cash, certificates and of course, the first prize trophy which sparkled in their hands.








035What development event would this be without the obligatory zany photoshoot??


We hope all participants took home something even it wasn’t a prize. The team truly enjoyed organizing and watching the event unfold. The judges were really impressed with the quality of work shown and we hope to see everyone back again for next year’s Tabletop 2015! Huzzah!

The Game Development Bootcamp 2014 runs again this year!

Apr 4, 2014   //   by Ike   //   MainMenu  //  1 Comment

Due to overwhelming response in January 2014 – we have decided to run another GAMEDEV Bootcamp this year!


Global Game Jam 2014!

Apr 3, 2014   //   by Ike   //   MainMenu  //  No Comments

Yep! We did it again this year!

In conjunction with the Global Game Jam 2014, KDU University College with IGDA Malaysia hosted the Malaysian (KL/Selangor) Game Jam while KDU College Penang hosted the Northern Region Game Jam. In case you didn’t know, the Global Game Jam is an annual event held under the effort of International Game Developers Association (IGDA) which gathers game developers all around the world to create games based on a central theme within 48 hours in the spirit of collaboration, sharing and having fun. This year’s Global Game Jam was held in 480 locations in over 70 countries.

KDU University College also piloted the Global Game Jam Bootcamp at its Damansara Jaya campus, supported by the Malaysian Entry-Point Project Game Development Cluster, MyGameDev2020 and the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC).

The Global Game Jam Bootcamp aimed at Secondary School students attracted a total of 65 students from various schools in the peninsular. The Bootcamp participants was treated to a talk on creativity by developer Johaness Reuben, a 15-year veteran technical game artist who has worked on notable game titles on the Nintendo, Playstation and PC Games. The Bootcamp participants then attended a series of full-day workshops over the weekend, which taught them the fundamentals of developing games by creating game art assets and a simple functioning digital game using a game creation platform.

Ok, enough talk…pictures or it didn’t happen!


Industry veteran, Johaness sharing his views on creativity and the game development industry.


Student Participants having a quick read on the Games Industry and the programme before the start of the event.


Day two of the Game Development Bootcamp – Students are learning the fundamentals of Game Art. Pixels! Yay!


Always the fun moment for jammers! The first day of the Game Jam and Buzz is giving them a taste of game
titles random generator. Evil bobsleds of puny poodle power! Go make that game!


The Global Game Jam is about bringing people from all around the world (and of all ages) – sometimes to the same place. Here we have someone from an Australian University with an Occulus Rift.


Jammers hard at work with multiple screens. Talk about overkill…



Group shot of everyone participating in the Global Game Jam and the Game Jam Bootcamp 2014!

It was certainly fun! See you again in 2015!


KDU Games @ Comic Fiesta 2013

Apr 3, 2014   //   by Ike   //   MainMenu  //  No Comments

Well, it was certainly an awesome end to 2013 (yeah – we’ve been busy and not been able to update much!) and we ended it with a bang!

Last’s year’s comic fiesta 2013 at KL Convention Center saw the KDU Game Development Students’ showcase their awesome final projects to the throngs that made up the 40K+ crowd at CF2013. Steve from minecraft was also present as this year’s KDU Photobooth mascot!

KDU Game Development Department under the banner of the PEMANDU EPP, also had the opportunity to set up two additional islands of booths and organized an Industry and Career Awareness Exhibition during Comic Fiesta 2013

. For the first time, MyGameDev2020 managed to gather all the independent game developers, major game development studios and Academic Partners in one area together with the other content regulators such as MDeC and their respective Game Development Initiative (1337 Accelerator). This actually made a significant impact in terms of awareness of the industry and the huge potential. MYGAMEDEV2020 took a total of 12 booths – 6 booths for the Major Game Development Studios in Malaysia (Codemasters Studio, Fly Studio, Lemonsky Animation, Streamline Studios, FCV Ventures and Sherman 3D) and the other 6 booths were shared by the Independent Game Developers (WIGU Games, Backbone Entertainment, Liquid Rock Games, Terato Tech and IGDA Malaysia)

Here are some of the pictures from that awesome two days (21st & 22nd December 2013)

IMG_0222           IMG_0671

IMG_0688           IMG_0698

IMG_0714           IMG_0729


August 2013 Student Staff Meeting

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Every semester, students have the opportunity to voice out and be heard at our Student Staff Meetings. In attendance for this semester was our Academic Department Head, Mr. Julian Lee, and Programme Leaders from both the Foundation Studies and the Bachelor of Game Development (Hons). We usually ties this in with a good hearty meal to mark the end of a good session.



Swedelish is Launched!

Nov 29, 2013   //   by Ivan   //   MainMenu  //  2 Comments


The Embassy of Sweden would like to present to you its new game app – Swedelish!

Through cooperation with students from KDU University College and with support from the Swedish Institute, the Embassy of Sweden has now produced an app to give Malaysia a taste of Swedish food in the shape of a simple-to-play-game.

With the ambition of raising awareness of the unique Swedish cuisine the Embassy of Sweden provides you with an app which both teaches you about different Swedish dishes, AND how to make them!


 How to play                                                                                             

The objective of the game is to create different Swedish dishes by tapping ingredients in accordance with the recipe displayed on the left and work your way down to the bottom. On the top of the screen is the name of the dish you’re making. Tapping the right ingredients gives you points and tapping the wrong ingredients causes you to lose points. The ingredients will land on a plate and form the dish. Completing a dish gives extra points.

The game can be played in three different modes – Normal, Challenge or Ultimate. If you are new to Swedelish, start with Normal Mode where the sequence of all ingredients will be shown for you to practice memorizing the recipe. Once you’ve done that you can move on to the next level, the Challenge Mode. Here, some of the ingredients will be hidden for you to test your ability to remember the order of the ingredients while being timed. Finally, go for the Ultimate Mode, a more difficult version of the Challenge Mode where all the ingredients will be hidden!

When finishing a game session you’ll experience the Swedish version of a coffee break – Fika – where you have time to read up on some interesting facts related to Swedish food culture. 


In the Ultimate Mode you can submit your score with the chance of winning some great prizes from our sponsors Electrolux, Prince Hotel and Hilton. Access the server to see if you are one of the top 10 winners at Scores can be submitted until the 10th of December and the top 10 winners will be invited to participate in our Lucia event on the 13th where the prizes will be handed out.

  • 1st Prize:  1 night complimentary room stay at Prince hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur
  • 2nd Prize: Dinner voucher for two at Vasco Hilton Kuala Lumpur
  • 3rd Prize: Dinner voucher for two at Eccutino Prince hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur
  • 4th Prize: Electrolux Mixer
  • 5th Prize: Electrolux Blender
  • 6th Prize: Electrolux Toaster
  • 7th Prize: Electrolux Toaster
  • 8th Prize: Swedish cookbook
  • 9th Prize: Swedish cookbook
  • 10th Prize: Swedish cookbook

So do head on over to Google App store and check it out.

When a Wira is Needed

Nov 4, 2013   //   by Ivan   //   MainMenu  //  No Comments

Tabletop Miniature Gamers can mean two things, the first of which could be tabletop gamers which are diminutive in nature or it could be gamers that utilize miniatures in their tabletop gaming. In this case, we are obviously referring to the latter without offending gamers of short stature. Well Tabletop Miniature Gamers can indeed rejoice for there is a new joint in town that serves all your gaming needs and this time its in SS15 Subang.

The newly opened Wira Games & Hobbies store run by Chang Yee Fong, the organizer of last year’s MAGACON at Publika has set his sights on strengthening the community of gamers in Malaysia. Some might feel that tabletop gaming is on the decline but many entrepreneurs think otherwise. Wira can be visit at their Facebook page, or just head straight there yourself. It is situated in SS15, near Asia Cafe. For those familiar with the area, it is situated two shops away from Salmon Steak (a popular food joint a few years back which has lost its lustre). It’s on the first floor but like the proprietor says, you can’t miss the huge signboard above.





Open from 2:pm – 9:00pm on weekdays, Wira is very much a place for the after-work crowd that wish to get some gaming done. The fact that its also open on Public Holidays makes it a convenient place to gather and game. Also, illustrations of Orcs are always an obvious plus to signboards everywhere.


The tables are available without charge for gamers to bring their Warhammer armies to battle it out.


They boast one of the most complete collection of rulebooks, miniatures, paints, brushes, etc. This definitely beats sourcing through the various bookstores that have recently begun to stock up on Games Workshop products.


A battle between the Imperial Guard and Necrons going on.


Fantastically detailed figures which are lovingly hand-painted before sent to their demise.


The boss of Wira, Mr. Chang engaging a customer. The staff of Wira are really friendly and helpful. On a typical day, besides the boss himself, you’d be assisted by Lucien and Darren.


Was surprised to see a Role-Play session going on at the designated table at the back. This group was currently running a Shadowrun campaign but a Pathfinder campaign also goes on during the weekends with a different group.


A newcomer to the hobby of painting is being shown the techniques to paint her very own Space-Marine.


Some battlefield props and structures are also in the works. A lot of it are hand-crafted instead of store-bought.


The paint corner


More amazing miniatures prepared to lay down their lives in service to the Emperor.


So do drop by their store and Like their Facebook page to stay updated with the latest happenings at Wira! KDU Games visited Wira on a Sunday which mean plenty of parking so if you are considering a visit, try a weekend.


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