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Keep a look out for Danny D!

Nov 15, 2012   //   by Ivan   //   MainMenu  //  No Comments

Keep a look-out for Danny D!

He’s a Game Developer and will make a debut at Comic Fiesta and theStar Education Fair!

Feng Shui Roleplaying

Nov 8, 2012   //   by Ivan   //   Kdugc, MainMenu  //  1 Comment

Adam handles a pretty mean pen & paper RPG session on a system called FengShui, which is a system designed by Robin Laws that focuses on RPG for an Action Movie Setting. Sessions are full-up for this round but it happens every Friday under KDUGC for those who are curious about Role-Playing Games before they involved thousands of players and a monthly subscription.

See you at Comic Fiesta 2012!

Nov 6, 2012   //   by Ivan   //   MainMenu  //  No Comments

Psst!,…  We’ve got a lot planned for this year’s Comic Fiesta so we hope to see you guys there!


Nov 6, 2012   //   by Ivan   //   MainMenu  //  No Comments

Our lads are currently participating in the SieMyCity: Build Your Ideal KL organized by Siemens Malaysia and supported by MyGameDev2020. It is a competition between universities and colleges to design a prototype for an Ideal Kuala Lumpur. Not only that, but the teams will also have to explore different ways of building a city that is sustainable and yet manages to achieve adequate growth.

KDU University College sent two teams to participate in hopes of bagging the first prize which is RM10,000 to further develop the prototype into a finished game as well as tickets to Berlin to attend a conference on sustainable technologies and living!


Expedition to Comics Are Cool!

Sep 29, 2012   //   by Ivan   //   MainMenu  //  2 Comments

The KDU Game Development team sent a detachment to find out what was brewing behind the doors of Earth 638 at Kelana Mall recently. From the outlook, it seems quiet enough but as we walked in the brightly colored glass doors, we stepped into a whole new world. The world of Western comics and art, in a time when Japanese or Asian influenced manga seemed to dominate the market, we have Malaysians striving to promote themselves under the banner of Comics Are Cool! An annual event that showcases local talent and artworks for sale!



Flash Lamp : Mixing Elements together for Maximum Effect

Sep 27, 2012   //   by Ivan   //   MainMenu  //  No Comments

Guys! We’ve got something cool headed your way tomorrow at the Lecture Theatre A,.. Mr. Teo Yong Jin or better known to the industry as ‘Jin’ will be sharing with us his secret to coming up with great concepts and ideas. His experience in Ubisoft Singapore will be a invaluable to our students so please don’t miss this! See you guys tomorrow at 2:30pm! Be there!

Graduate Accelerator Programme

Sep 27, 2012   //   by Ivan   //   MainMenu  //  No Comments

KDU Sports Carnival 2012

Sep 22, 2012   //   by Ivan   //   MainMenu  //  No Comments

Everyone just got back sticky and tired after an entire morning at the MBPJ Sports Stadium where KDU just had its annual Sports Carnival! Its an event involving everyone on campus from students, to lecturers and even staff that began a month ago with various sports activities being carried out at different locations.

The Games Department belongs to the Department of Creative Media which puts us alongside our brethren in the Mass Communications and Engineering Schools under the Eco-friendly GREEN HOUSE! The finale was held this morning with athletics and various telematch activities such as Balloon Toss and the ol’ Ping Pong Ball on spoon race.

A little too early in the morning for anything.

Hong Leong enjoying the first Telematch judging by the grin on his face. Hmmm I wonder why,…

Although telematches may look easy but some were pretty tough as you will see below.

Then came the awards ceremony.

Kevin Wong winning the Campus Run and getting a big golden cup from Pre-University’s Dr. Todd.

Allen getting a medal from the Head of Marketing

The Green Team Laser Tag team winning 2nd Runner Up.

Our Green House 4x100m Staff Team that blew the competition away!

The day ended with an impromptu flash mob to the ever popular internet sensation Gangnam Style! by PSY led by our very own department’s Event Coordinator Allen Chua. If everyone is doing it, why not us!

All in all, it was a fun day and there was even Kentucky meals provided for all attendees which was a pleasant change from the previous year’s 1901 hotdogs. Red House took the grand prize this year followed by Blue House and then our Green House came in 3rd. Prizes were won and everyone dispersed at 11:30am but not before our Head of Department doused Allen with a spare Water Balloon.

Once again, we love to emphasize that while KDU takes education seriously, we always remember to leave in room for a little silliness to keep things sane.

Hope to see all the other houses next year on the battlefield!

Green House Laser Tag

Sep 17, 2012   //   by Ivan   //   MainMenu  //  No Comments

As part of our Sports Carnival, Laser Tag was one of the many events to participate in so the Games Development students went for it. It was held at the Sunway Pyramid Galactic Laser (somewhere on the lower floors) which had a pretty good set-up. Green House which is an alliance of the Communication, Creative Media and Engineering schools sent their sharpshooters but despite the fight they put up, they did not manage to thwart the Red and Blue Houses. Next year shall be different!…

Laser Tag veteran Riyal giving the team the heads-up on Laser Tag.

Coming in third, the team still had loads of fun and the Game Development team will probably arrange their own session at Galactic Laser.

Ubisoft Visit

Sep 13, 2012   //   by Ivan   //   MainMenu  //  No Comments

Hello guys and girls! Once again, we’ve worked very hard with Banshee Creative to organize another sharing session with some esteemed guests from Ubisoft Singapore! Mr. Teo Yong Jin, a reknown Artist will be down to share his experiences with students along with Mr. Alex Lim, Talent Acquisitions Manager for Ubisoft who will be sharing with us tips on how to break into the game industry and hopefully into Ubisoft. (Note: ‘Break in’ in a legal job application sense)

Unfortunately, this will session will only be available for our Game Development students but stick around for more! Foundation students are welcome.

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