AREA51 Alienware Game Development Studio

KDU believes in investing in the future and our Game Studio is outfitted with 11 units of Alienware Aurora gaming desktop systems so students will have access to the coolest learning classroom you will ever come across. Each Aurora system is paired with an Alienware OptX AW2310 monitor, an Alienware TactX keyboard and mouse. The OptX allows students to accurately interpret colors and graphics while the Alienware TactX keyboards and mice deliver the precision and control they need to create intricate designs into their games.

No longer are we using projectors for our studio, AREA51 comes with 4 LCD monitors attached to adjustable arms which are connected to the lecturer’s 50inch Plasma TV in the front. Student will no longer have to squint to follow their lessons.

On the software front, each system is equipped with digital imaging software such as Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, 3D modelling and animation software such as 3ds Max 2012, development kits such as the Unreal Development Kit, Unity and Adobe Flash to create game content.

Right next to AREA51, we have our Gaming Room which is equipped with Board Games, a Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, XBOX360, 2 50inch Plasma TVs and all sorts of gaming paraphernalia like the PSMove and XBOX Kinect. This room is jointly managed by our student-run KDU Game Club (KDUGC) which holds gaming sessions at certain times of the day. The students of the Bachelor of Game Development (Hons) are also required to utilize the room for classes where research & play-testing console games and board games take place. As technology is constantly evolving, so too will our facilities so you can be assured that we will be stocking up on the latest console, PC and board games.

Our Board-Games and traditional game selection.

More ‘Research’ materials and references. We like to refer to these as your academic ‘textbooks’ so students will never again have to come up with excuses not to STUDY HARD!

We also have a fully updated library of the latest Game Development books available in the library for the inquisitive mind. Topics ranging from Art, Game Development, Level Design to Programming, we’ve got the most complete selection of Game-related material out there.

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