In April 2013, we organized a special orientation activity called Fresh Meat designed to promote teamwork, encourage screaming and to just have fun. If you’d like to organize your own Fresh Meat Orientation, feel free to use the rule-sets or modify it as you please. Just drop us an email telling us how it went and perhaps send us some photographs. Let loose your creativity!


The Premise

You play as groups of survivors trapped in a living nightmare. Everyone has been trapped in a university filled with flesh-eating zombies that were students turned by a viral infection. Your team has to find a way to seal the building to prevent it from spreading and calling for evacuation without loosing too many survivors.


There are two parts to Fresh Meat.

For the first part, you are to seek out four parts of a formula and decipher the code within. It has been scattered across the university and the only way to find it is by referring to the Survivor’s Journal which was found nearby a corpse. The journal details locations in which supplies and even possibly parts of the formula have been hidden. Once you have collected all four parts of the formula, your team is to assemble at the auditorium for the second part (End-Game).

For the second part, you are to solve the formula, and make it through the End-Game to the deactivated console at the end of the auditorium. The first team to key in the correct code will end their game and await the next team.

Required Equipment


Nerf Elite Jolt Pistols (1 per team) – can be purchased from Toys’R’Us but is optional as a means to stun zombies and allow for survivors to get away. Also Nerf Darts are to be found in clue envelops.


Survivor’s Diary (a clue book) – Clues can be in the form of riddles or pictures that lead players around the school. Ideally, the clues are written as though a survivor wrote them.


The Clue – 4 parts of  this formula is hidden around the school in envelops. The first team to find it and decipher the password can enter the End-Game. This puzzle is a simple number sequence where you align the numbers to get the word. The answer is GEORGE A ROMERO, the father of today’s popular zombie fiction.


Envelopes (clues) should be stuck on around the location as early as possible. There should be an indicator to ensure that survivors don’t spend too much time looking at a single location.


Part (i)

  • Each team is to appoint a leader and if the leader falls, the entire team is forfeit.
  • Each team member will be fitted with heart ribbons. Team leaders will be wearing blue heart ribbons.
  • You are not allowed to touch your ribbons or conceal them. If they come off, you are considered dead.
  • (If you are DEAD, then you will have to report to the Auditorium for the End-Game.)
  • For the first part, you are free to refer to the Journal in any order and seek out the formula.
  • The formula is placed in envelops and there will be 5 envelops per location. Your team is only allowed to take ONE envelop per location. Any attempt to cheat by taking all the envelops will result in disqualification. The last envelop is not to be taken, it is only there as a reference point.
  • These envelops might contain (i) a part of the formula, (ii) a bullet, or (iii) nothing.
  • Collect all 4 parts to proceed to Part (ii)
  • At the end of a stipulated time-frame, any team that has not made it to the ENDGAME is disqualified and considered DEAD.



Each team is to be given Heart Ribbons (as above), a Nerf Jolt and a Clue book then sent out to DIE.


Part (ii)

  • Decipher the Password and assemble at the auditorium. It is dark inside the End-Game so please solve the puzzle before entering.
  • Any member not at the auditorium before the End-Game will be considered lost to the team.
  • The team is to surrender any Bullets and Jolt Pistols. You are also to remove your heart ribbons in order to be fitted with Glow-sticks on your back. These glow-sticks represent your life and Zombies will attempt to grab them. If your Glow-stick is dropped or is taken from you, you are now dead.
  • You are not allowed to touch your Glow-sticks or conceal them. If they come off, you are considered dead. (If you are DEAD, then you will be removed from play)
  • It will be pitch-dark during the End-Game. Survivors have to move slowly to avoid the zombies and make it to the stage.
  • There is a deactivated console on the stage.
  • Key it into the console.
  • If it is correct, the screen will flash green and your team is required to wait at the back of the stage. Any survivor without a Glow-stick is required to join the dead on the auditorium floor.
  • There is to be no running. If at any time you feel you need to stop the game, yell STOP and the marshals will call out to stop the game.



The Auditorium will be pitch dark and survivors will have to slowly make their way through the zombie horde. Zombies will not be allowed to move, only stand in position and reach out with their hands to grab the survivor’s glow-sticks.


The Auditorium in low-light. When the event starts, it will be pitch black so all potential hazards have to be padded and safety is a priority. There should be no running.


  • Each team will be given a Nerf Elite Jolt-Pistol with a single bullet. Bullets can be found around the campus. You are not allowed to use any personal bullets and will be disqualified if caught doing so.
  • Shooting zombies will stun them for 15 seconds. You are not allowed to reclaim your bullets.
  • You are not allowed to push or shove a Zombie. There should be no physical contact.
  • Do not run on stairs, Zombies will not pursue Survivors on the stairs. Certain areas are also free of infestation. (to be designated by the marshals)
  • You receive 15 points for coming in first, 10 points for second and 5 points for third and also for 5 points for every survivor you have left in your party.

End Game Team Instructions

POINT A – Holding Area 1

  • The team that makes it to the ENDGAME has to declare that the entire party is there. Anyone not with the main group is considered DEAD.
  • Check for their 4 parts of the formula.
  • Ensure that they solve the puzzle otherwise priority to enter is given to another team.
  • Count the number of survivors.
  • Collect their Jolt Pistols and all ammunition.
  • Remove their HEART RIBBONS.
  • Replace the HEART RIBBONS with GLOWSTICKS.
  • Send them into the HOLDING AREA.

POINT B – Holding Area 2

  • Bring them into the ENDGAME.
  • Close the doors.
  • Remind them not to run as the Zombies can only attack in a close range.
  • Tell them to make it to the stairs to the console to key in the password and end the game

POINT C – Control Console

  • The team that makes it to the console and keys in the appropriate result ends the game for them.
  • Check for their Glow-sticks. Anyone without one will be considered DEAD and will be placed in the hall.
  • Take down the Team numbers of the first, second and third team.
  • Ask them to sit at the back of the stage to await the rest of the participants.
  • Inform the Holding Area that the team has made it and prepare for the next team.

POINT D – Floor Marshals

  • Floor Marshals stops the game if anything goes out of hand.
  • They are also responsible for placing zombies in their positions and to remind them that they cannot move and are only supposed to go for the Glow-sticks and not the survivors.
  • If there are insufficient dead zombies, some may be picked out to be able to walk around.

Zombie Rules

  • If shot by a nerf dart, pick it up and stay immobile for 15 seconds.
  • Do not chase Survivors near staircases. If approaching such places, slow down and head backwards.
  • You are to kill a survivor by grabbing their ‘health’.
  • There should be no body-contact with the Survivors. No tackling or grabbing Survivors. You may lunge to grab their ‘health’ but it is better to work in a group.
  • When you do succeed in ‘killing’ a survivor, the survivor will cease moving and the Zombie must spend 15 seconds devouring the victim.
  • The marshall is to then send the killed zombie to the Auditorium for the final stage.
  • Try to kill their leader ‘blue health’ as the entire team will ‘die’
  • The zombies are to provide challenge and motivation NOT to destroy the entire team.


  • For every Survivor in your party – 5 points
  • The 1st team to make it – 15 points
  • The 2nd Team to make it – 10 points
  • The 3rd team to make it – 5 points


We hope you enjoy the event as much as we enjoyed planning it!


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