If you’ve ever considered how cool it would be to create the inspiring conceptual art, animations. 3D characters and environments you see in today’s modern games, then KDU University College is indeed the place for you! If you are a visual person that loves doodling, sculpting, watching animation, reading comics, dreaming up fantastic worlds, our Game Art major focuses on giving you the head-start you’d need to become one of the best Game Artists in the market. You’d be empowered not only to create excellent game-art assets but also given insights into the industry and the means to pursue a career as a fledgling Game Artist

“KDU’s Game Development Course is comprehensive in covering the 3 main specializations of game design, game art and game technology. Additionally the course provides useful business skills that are essential to function is today’s game industry such as proposal writing and market research. I believe the course will be an asset to developing skilled people in the game industry.”

Mohan Low
Chief Executive Officer / Founder
Leet Games Marketing & Consulting Sdn. Bhd.

Though every aspect in the game developing process is as important as the next, the first factor that a game will be judged on are its graphics. This is where game artists come into play. Game artists specialize in the creation of everything visual in the game, from characters to the interface.

Game artists play an integral role in the game development pipeline. They are responsible for creating concept art for the game, and this concept art will give the rest of the development team, namely the designers a better idea on how to create content based on that concept. Without concept art, the game design team will have a hard time imagining how to create gameplay mechanics and level designs for that game. In other words, the art team is necessary to begin those first few steps in the development stages.

Those choosing to major in Game Art under KDU’s Game Development program will be trained to do just that. You will be taught on how to create good concept art, 2D sprites, 3D models, animations, and effective user interface. Aiding you in the creation of these assets are digital imaging software such as Adobe Photoshop as well as texture, imaging and 3D modeling and animation software such as 3D SMax 2012.

Students in this major are expected to be well-versed in production art such as digital painting and drawing. Apart from that, they will be required to come up with good illustrative work such as typography and graphic design. You will be required to draw on both paper and digitally via tablets. By equipping students with these skills, a foundation for both digital and non-digital output can be  established.

Being a game artist, the freedom to express your creativity is always present. Take games like El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron and Okami for example. The graphics and artwork present in these games were produced by game artists, and truth be told, without the visual cues from them, these games wouldn’t have made much of an impact.

Career Opportunities

  • Concept Artists
  • 2D Game Artists
  • 3D Game Artists
  • Level Artists
  • Graphic User Interface Artists

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