Ever had that feeling after playing a game that you’ve got some great ideas that could have made it better? Do you like to come up with fun ideas for others to try? Do you analyze a game to try to figure out what makes it so fun? Our Game Design major at KDU University College is where you learn the craft of creating fun experiences.

You will create worlds, craft characters, figure out what they’ll say and what monsters they slay. Stories, level-design, powers and rewards are your tools in creating a fun experience for your players. Learn to work with artists and programmers to create a game that will be a joy for others to play, and be able to add a sense of fun to any interactive entertainment application.

“It is good to see a specialized degree program focused on training game designers. Many do not realize that game design requires specialized skill sets essential to developing a good game, the same way an architect is essential in creating the blue print of a building for construction. I believe this course provides a strong grounding in the Technical and Creative skill sets and knowledge necessary for an aspiring game designer.”

Michael Ooi Su Guan
Chief Executive Officer
Collective Intelligence Sdn. Bhd

Shigeru Miyamoto, Will Wright, Sid Meier. David Jaffe. Hideo Kojima – These names belong to notable game designers who have created (and continue to create) some of the most beloved game franchises and characters in
the gaming industry and community. To most people, these names will not raise an eyebrow. But repeat the same list of names to a group of gamers and you will see a spark of recognition in their eyes.

So what does it take to be a game designer? Most people mistakenly believe that to be a game designer, all you need is a concept or constantly come up with ideas. But ideas are cheap – anybody can come up with an idea. One of the biggest games franchises in the world is pretty much about an Italian plumber who rescues the princess by jumping on his enemies’ heads. So what makes a game like Super Mario Bros. so engaging? To put simply, it’s all about the experience.

Designing games is the art of crafting experiences, thus the job of a game designer is to transform a game idea into
a reality. The KDU Game Design program teaches students new to game design in the fields of game mechanics, gameplay, game balancing and level design. This requires basic scripting and programming ability, so you need to have a solid grasp of mathematics, logic and an understanding of the computer medium. A practical knowledge of graphic design helps, and a good knowledge of other game genres to draw references from can be incredibly
useful to budding game designers.

When you are enrolled in the KDU Game Design program, you will also learn story scripting, concept settings, play
testing, and game rules, which helps you to define the rules and framework that the game takes place in. A good game designer draws from other non-technical fields such as literature, philosophy, psychology, and
even music. Even a basic understanding of art principles can be beneficial to game designers, allowing them to create highly stylized works that draw players in.

But most importantly as a game designer, you must be willing to self-reflect on your own work. You must be able to take criticism because game critics are aplenty in this day and time. Be introspective, study and analyze your own work. A game designer must also be willing to realize his limits because eventually, a game needs to be shipped or released to public for people to gauge its playability.

Career Opportunities

  • Game Designer
  • Level Designer
  • Story Scripter
  • Game Testers

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