If you’ve ever wondered about the inner workings of how Mario is able to jump and stomp on monsters, the complex rules of physics behind Portal, the network server codes that supports millions of players in World of Warcraft or any other advance technological features in today’s modern games, then KDU University College is indeed the place for you. If you’re a tech-geek that loves solving problems, coding, hacking, keeping up with the latest technology and trends, our Game Technology major focuses on preparing you to be the best Game Programmer in the market. With the industry knowledge and skill-sets we equip you with, you would have the upper-hand over your peers in pursuing a career as a Game Programmer.

“KDU’s game development degree course has been designed from the ground up with industry standards in mind. Each of their staff members involved with designing, delivering and overseeing the course has done so with industry experience and standards in mind. the openness to industry input and the enthusiasm with which they have taken pragmatic steps to mould realistic games education is refreshing and exemplary.”

Ivon Smith
Technical Art Trainer
Codemasters studio sdn Bhd

In every game, behind those dazzling special effects, the intriguing dialogues, or even the enjoyable gameplay system, they are bound together by strict and complex lines of codes. These codes govern how the game functions, when certain sounds are meant to happen and more importantly, help makes the game play smoothly

without crashing. Within the technological aspect of game development, student will learn the digital clockwork of what makes a game tick.

Among the many lessons that game development students will familiarize themselves with includes the essentials
programmers used to develop the latest games. If the art and designs are able to imagine these fantastical worlds, then programmers are responsible for laying the foundation blocks in making these worlds into a reality. As a result, to effectively learn their applications, students will need to have strong mathematics, logicbased thinking and heavy programming knowledge. Some of the programs that will be used to teach students will include the
likes of Unreal Development Kits, Microsoft XNA Game Studio, Unity 3D or Ogre 3D.Besides building new worlds, it is also important to help player interact with their surrounding realistically through physics. A good example of this application is Portal 2, which lets players solve logic-based puzzles with the help of physics. It is through the coding of both realistic cause and effects that no only creates a realistic world but also a fun one.

However, not all games are necessarily developed using the same tool. Different titles may use older, established
engines, while newer titles may use upgraded iterations of completely new engines. That is why programmers must
familiarize themselves with the unique nuances of multiple engines. For instance, left 4 Dead 2 is a game that runs on the venerable Source Engine from Valve, while Kojima Production has been developing the Fox Engine to power its up-and-coming projects. It is also important for students to understand the use of Artifi cial Intelligence
(A.I.), which governs how the game will react to the players. This is what makes games like the hitman series interesting as you watch your target react in ways that give players a dynamic challenge. For this to happen, complex coding is needed so that the A.I. is able to react realistically to the player’s actions.

The aspect of Game Technology is an indispensable part of the three major disciplines under the Game Development
program. It is here where student will learn what makes a game function and become a fun experience for gamers.

Career Opportunities

  • Game Programmer
  • Engine Programmer
  • Tools Programmer
  • A.I. Programmer

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