Our gamers recently showed that they’ve got their hearts in the right place with their latest CSR project entitled Project Games.


The event started off at 9:00am where the kids from Rumah Juara attending a briefing on the events of the day. They then got to enjoy a marathon of board-games with the help of older ‘brothers’ Daniel, Edison and Ze Wei. The kids also got to try out painting miniature Space Marines and were shown how to build miniature battlegrounds by representatives of Comics Mart.

Elsewhere, a Minecraft competition was underway with guests vying to build the fanciest structure they could dream up in a limited amount of time. A Magic the Gathering competition was also going on while the board-game marathon was taking place.

The event ended at 6:00pm but not before event sponsors Comics Mart donated some toys to the children of Rumah Juara. The Project Games team also managed to rake in RM380 through the sales of food & drinks which was then donated to the caretakers of Rumah Juara at a later date.


Great job guys!

To get in touch with Rumah Juara, find out more here.

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