During a student internal showcase session on August 1st, we introduced two new lecturers who’ll start teaching next semester.

Pang Lih-Hern and Yap Chun Fei were graduates from the Software Engineering and Games Design course in MMU. After a few years in the industry, they decided to band together and form their own boutique game development studio, Liquid Rock Games in 2008. (http://www.liquidrockgames.com).

Pang Lih-Hern (with glasses)  is the programmer of the duo, and an ardent supporter of the open source movement. Having been interesting in creating game development engines since college, he is currently crafting their racing game engine using Ogre 3D. His goal is to demonstrate that a quality game + game engine can be done using open source code and tools.

Yap Chun Fei is a self-taught 3D artist and motivated entrepreneur. Partnering with Lih-Hern, he created the visual assets used in their racing game Trackverse. He has developed skills in utilizing Blender for the game, to match his partner’s goal in creating a game using open source tools.

Both update their developers’ blog at http://liquidrockgames.blogspot.com/ where they showcase their games and also provide details on how they develop their games to provide support for any budding game developers out there.

Check out a video of their game-in-development, Trackverse.


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