KDU Game Development visits Jakarta, Indonesia for the first time by dropping by several schools in Indonesia to talk to students about the possibility of turning a hobby into a career. It was a short visit to each school for a sharing session and a simple story narrative exercise to create a simple and short story. Indonesia is noted for its great art talents and rich culture so bringing some of that to the forefront of game development would yield some pretty interesting results. The Game Industry in South-East Asia is projected to grow to about USD$560 million by 2016 which makes this an excellent time to put on your thinking caps and get creative.


Volunteers each writing a fragment of a story based on whats written by their partners on the left.



The Team Leader gets to read the results of their zany story.


Thanks again students of St. Nicholas School, Jakarta!


The winning team based on popular votes by their classmates.


Thanks again to the students of St. Andreas School, Jakarta!

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