On the 20th and 21st of August 2013, MyGameDev2020, an Entry Point Project spearheaded by KDU University College had a Secondary School Counselors Industry Awareness Event. To maintain a constant flow of talents into the Game Development Industry, we have decided to explore beyond the tertiary education machinery and thereby study the student pipeline which extends into the public secondary schools. MyGameDev2020 felt that one of the best ways to educate and create awareness in this growing field is via the secondary school counsellors, who actively organize school career talks, workshops and events.

The event was held in two locations – part of the inclusiveness aspect of this Game Development Cluster. KTAR University College, who has a representative in the MyGameDev2020 panel, hosted the first day event while KDU University College played host on the second day.

The school counsellors from secondary schools in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor were at both venues as early as 7am. To kick-start the event – Tan Chin Ike, the Chairperson of MyGameDev2020 and Head of School for KDU University College gave a 30 minutes presentation on this initiative as well as the growth potential of this new industry. Hilmy Rahim, a KDU Game Design Lecturer then gave a well-received and thought-provoking presentation on what are games and why today’s youth find solace in electronic games. After the presentations, the school counsellors boarded a bus for a trip to visit Codemasters Studios, one of the oldest British video game developer companies and are considered Europe’s largest independent games company with nearly 700 employees worldwide. Ivon Smith, Technical Art Trainer and Nicholas Shariff Collins, Head of Business gave the counsellors a guided tour around Codemasters’ facilities. One the first day, the school counsellors also got a chance to visit E-One Studios, a Malaysian Game Development Studio.

A total of 109 Secondary Schools in the Klang Valley was involved in this initiative.


KDU’s very own Mr. Tan Chin Ike giving his talk in KTAR University College


KDU Game-Design lecturer Mr. Hilmy Abdul Rahim’s engaging talk on why people play games


School Counsellors having a light moment on the first day of presentations


Visit to Codemasters Studios, KL Sentral


Ivon Smith, Technical Art Trainer for Codemasters giving a demonstration on what they do


Group Photo with En. Amir Irwan, CEO of E-One Studios


Ike giving his presentation during the second day of the event at KDU University College


The Counsellors listening intently during the presentation in KDU University College



2 thoughts to “MyGameDev2020 Reaches Out to Academia

  • Glovis Yan

    Just pop in to this page when i look for alternative learning way for education.

    I truly agreed education should not limit on the paper. Education should be in many forms. Obviously learning via playing is a good alternative.

  • Ivan

    Thanks Glovis, we’re trying to Gamify our methods of delivery everyday as well.


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