We were recently graced with a visit from Alex Hew and Goh I-Ming, local game developers from Takeout Arcade. They recently completed and launched Dragon Siege which is a Defense game that sets you defending your treasure horde from a horde of heroes out to steal it. Alex Hew is the programmer in charge of the project and Goh I-Ming was the artist behind the beautiful art and animations in the game.

They were kind enough to share some pointers with the students about the many things that could go wrong in the process of developing an iOS game. They also spoke about some techniques that were used in the making of Dragon Siege and answered a whole bunch of questions from students and lecturers.

Before working on Dragon Siege, the dynamic duo were previously working on Medieval Carnival which was also released on the Apple Store.

Support local developers by downloading Dragon Siege here…

or visit Takeout Arcade’s Dragon Siege development website here



Takeout Arcade!



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