So far studying in the course has been a very fulfilling experience for me as I’m learning a lot and it is a race to absorb everything our lecturers can offer. One thing I love best is that there are plenty of activities like practical workshops, discussions, debates, external industry gatherings and casual meet-ups with game developers and that’s really useful for us. Being exposed to the industry workings early-on has definitely helped me connect to some industry players and I do believe that’ll help me upon my graduation.

Teng Chun Yeh
Game Artist, Independent


Studying Game Development in KDU was a unique and memorable experience. It really felt like everything was done to simulate a game development environment but within ‘safe’ educational constraints. Projects are run just like how they are in the industry, with lecturers acting as producers and guiding students by helping them setting a scope and making sure deadlines are respected. I was also impressed by the course structure which allows students to experience the 3 main fields of Game Development before deciding in which one to specialize in.

Oliver Clency Yeung
Game Programmer, Streamline Studios


Industry Recognition

“KDU’s Game Development Course is comprehensive in covering the 3 main specializations of game design, game art and game technology. Additionally the course provides useful business skills that are essential to function is today’s game industry such as proposal writing and market research. I believe the course will be an asset to developing skilled people in the game industry.”

Mohan Low
Head of Interactive Media,
Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

“It is good to see a specialized degree program focused on training game designers. Many do not realize that game design requires specialized skill sets essential to developing a good game, the same way an architect is essential in creating the blue print of a building for construction. I believe this course provides a strong grounding in the Technical and Creative skill sets and knowledge necessary for an aspiring game designer.”

Michael Ooi Su Guan
Chief Executive Officer
Collective Intelligence Sdn. Bhd.

“KDU’s game development degree course has been designed from the ground up with industry standards in mind. Each of their staff members involved with designing, delivering and overseeing the course has done so with industry experience and standards in mind. the openness to industry input and the enthusiasm with which they have taken pragmatic steps to mould realistic games education is refreshing and exemplary.”

Ivon Smith
Vice President of Operations
US VR-Global Inc

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