Annually, the Global Game Jam is held internationally on the last week of January and is organized by the IGDA Malaysian Chapter. This year KDU University College hosted the GGJ2013 on our campus thanks to the KDU Library. We also ran a workshop for students on the basics of developing games called the Global Game Jam Bootcamp where secondary school students were thought to create a simple space-shooting game by our principle tech lecturer Mr. Bazil Akmal.

Here is the list of games that were produced this year at the Global Game Jam 2013 so do try them all out and if you weren’t here this year, make sure you mark down next year’s jam in your calendars.

Global Game Jam 2013

KuKhatem –

Marriage Nightmare! –

High-Speed Beautician Showdown –

Lifeline –

Manic Missile –

Fabulous Fluffy – (first ever Board-Game participant at the GGJ2013)

Global Game Jam Bootcamp 2013

The students that came for the bootcamp also came up with some amazing stuff. Their games can be checked out in the link below;

READ MORE to check out the pictures of the event!

The three day event started out with a briefing by Mr. Tan, the Head of School of the SCCM (School of Computing and Creative Media) followed by a low-down by the event organizer about the rules of the Game Jam.

The crowd was a mixture of secondary school students who were there for the Bootcamp and tertiary level students as well as industry guests that were there for the actual Global Game Jam event itself. The idea of the event was to develop a game based on a given theme in 48-hours. The energy in the room was unmistakable as everyone was eager to get down to it.

Also there to address the crowd was a very special guest in the form of Mr. Khaliq Ariff or better known to those familiar with his work as Alitt. A senior lead artist at Ubisoft Singapore that has worked on numerous titles. He came to share his insight on what it’s like to work at one of the top game development companies in the world and what it takes to get there.

A philosophy that Alitt firmly believes in where talent has groomed and developed. We couldn’t agree more!

Once all the participants have been briefed about the theme for this year which was an ominous heartbeat, participants had to then brainstorm for ideas on what sort of game to make based on the given theme. The participants spent dinner discussing amongst themselves before the pitching session. Everyone had ideas and were dying to share them. Each participant had a chance to present his or her idea to the crowd.

KDU Game student Wong Yu-Thai presented one of the event’s most popular ideas which was a battle game where players had to match beats to defeat their opponents.

New comers teamed up with some old hands to create Marriage Nightmare, a hilarious game about pleasing an infuriated wife.

Once teams were picked, everyone marked their territory and started getting down to it.

The first casualty of the event,…

Meanwhile, in Area52, our other lab, the Global Game Jam Bootcamp was underway with the first session being all about making interesting character sprites.

The lovely ladies of the event.

Ladies in Game Development? That’s right guys,.. we’re breaking stereotypes every day.

Insufficient sleep leads to strange occurences…

Deep in discussion.

One of the highlights of the event is always the Pizza Party at the end of it where everyone makes like a Ninja Turtle and digs in to a load of freshly baked pizzas from a nearby Dominos.

The largest team ever!

This year also featured a team that created a board-game called Fabulous Fluffy! They even brought a 3D-Printer to create their playing pieces which caused quite a stir. Its things like this that embody the wild wacky spirit of creativity that’s what the Game Jam is all about.

Once all the games have been completed, each team had the opportunity to present and demonstrate their game to the crowd.

Fabulous Fluffy being demo-ed and recorded by Mr. Buzz, our resident IGDA Chapter Coordinator.

Marriage Nightmare in the spotlight.

The lads of Team Lifeline armed to the teeth.

The indie team that took on the challenge of the RANDOM GAME GENERATOR and produced High Speed Beautician Showdown!

Hope to see everyone back here for the Global Game Jam 2014!!! See you then!

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