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Damn Droids!

About this Game

This story revolves around an abandoned Earth, where humans have left the planet leaving only a barren, and ruined wasteland. The humans then return, hoping to reclaim the planet. The humans then send 2 robots down to the surface of the planet as the vanguard to establish a forward command and to examine the situation of the planet.



  • Download the game files
  • Extract it to somewhere
  • Run .exe file and play!


    The game utilizes a touch ability to drag and drop towers from a set of selections located around the corner of the screen. Each tower has a cost and the player can build the tower if the player has enough credits to pay for its cost. Even after building the tower, the tower will not open fire unless the player (drones) has the tower within its energy sphere range. The goal is just to utilize the towers built to kill all the enemies within each wave that come into the level.