Tabletop Miniature Gamers can mean two things, the first of which could be tabletop gamers which are diminutive in nature or it could be gamers that utilize miniatures in their tabletop gaming. In this case, we are obviously referring to the latter without offending gamers of short stature. Well Tabletop Miniature Gamers can indeed rejoice for there is a new joint in town that serves all your gaming needs and this time its in SS15 Subang.

The newly opened Wira Games & Hobbies store run by Chang Yee Fong, the organizer of last year’s MAGACON at Publika has set his sights on strengthening the community of gamers in Malaysia. Some might feel that tabletop gaming is on the decline but many entrepreneurs think otherwise. Wira can be visit at their Facebook page, or just head straight there yourself. It is situated in SS15, near Asia Cafe. For those familiar with the area, it is situated two shops away from Salmon Steak (a popular food joint a few years back which has lost its lustre). It’s on the first floor but like the proprietor says, you can’t miss the huge signboard above.





Open from 2:pm – 9:00pm on weekdays, Wira is very much a place for the after-work crowd that wish to get some gaming done. The fact that its also open on Public Holidays makes it a convenient place to gather and game. Also, illustrations of Orcs are always an obvious plus to signboards everywhere.


The tables are available without charge for gamers to bring their Warhammer armies to battle it out.


They boast one of the most complete collection of rulebooks, miniatures, paints, brushes, etc. This definitely beats sourcing through the various bookstores that have recently begun to stock up on Games Workshop products.


A battle between the Imperial Guard and Necrons going on.


Fantastically detailed figures which are lovingly hand-painted before sent to their demise.


The boss of Wira, Mr. Chang engaging a customer. The staff of Wira are really friendly and helpful. On a typical day, besides the boss himself, you’d be assisted by Lucien and Darren.


Was surprised to see a Role-Play session going on at the designated table at the back. This group was currently running a Shadowrun campaign but a Pathfinder campaign also goes on during the weekends with a different group.


A newcomer to the hobby of painting is being shown the techniques to paint her very own Space-Marine.


Some battlefield props and structures are also in the works. A lot of it are hand-crafted instead of store-bought.


The paint corner


More amazing miniatures prepared to lay down their lives in service to the Emperor.


So do drop by their store and Like their Facebook page to stay updated with the latest happenings at Wira! KDU Games visited Wira on a Sunday which mean plenty of parking so if you are considering a visit, try a weekend.


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